• Too Much Chocolate? Impossible!

    • There is at least one thing on this crazy planet that seems to be a universal: Chocolate makes me and countless others happy.

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    • Oaklawn: The Road to the Triple Crown Begins Here

    • It’s a crisp January morning at Oaklawn Park, and the horses are out jogging, galloping and doing timed works in preparation for upcoming races.

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    • Getting ink is no longer a “thing” for bikers.

    • 20 percent of American adults have at least one tattoo, and 14 percent have two or more tattoos, 30 percent of older millennials is inked and 11 percent of baby boomers have gotten into the act.

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February's Top 10 Things to Do

Here are ten awesome things for you and your family to do all across Arkansas this month!   1. “Nathalia Edenmont: Force of Nature” Little Rock through May 1: This is Nathalia Edenmont’s first solo exhibition in a major American museum. “Force of Nature,” displayed at the Arkansas Arts Center, showcases 10 richly hued, large-format photographs, [...]

Home: Picture Perfect Palette

Residents in west Little Rock’s Walton Heights-Candlewood neighborhood enjoy a number of amenities, including an incredible view of the Arkansas River and the Two Rivers Bridge. Empty nesters Ann and Keith Straughn’s home capitalizes upon this lovely setting. Photography by Janet Warlick   of white and gray provide an ideal and gorgeous backdrop f[...]

ATYH: Hang In There!

Designer Tom Chandler shares tips for hanging artwork in your home! Photography by Janet Warlick   TIPS FROM THE DESIGNER: No. 1. The art doesn’t have to match the sofa. No 2. Everything doesn’t have to be — and cannot be — hung at eye level. ADDITIONALLY, Define the space. “Introduce art into the space created by the placement of the furniture,”[...]

Feature: Classic Meets Contemporary

The Vaughan-Palmer home in the Spa City’s historic Quapaw district was built in 1902 by Harry Vaughan. Photography by Janet Warlick Styled by Christopher Koch, Arkansas Furniture and Interiors   5,500-square-foot home was lovingly restored by famed Hot Springs artist Linda Palmer, who purchased it in 2000. She adored the dwelling, but she decided[...]