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Mark Givens

What is your occupation? I am the executive director of Main Street El Dorado and MusicFest El Dorado. Where is your hometown? I was born and raised in Sparkman, Ark., but El Dorado is my home. Do you have any children? I have a beautiful daughter, Presley Jade Givens, who is 4. How do you spend your spare time? Either with my daughter, my friends and family or working on MusicFest. What quality do you most like about yourself? I’m afraid of failure. What quality do you least like about yourself? I tend to overthink and worry too much. What kind of music do you listen to? I listen to all genres from country to rock, bluegrass to hip-hop. The Drive-By Truckers and the new Joe Nichols CD are in current rotation. What is your favorite movie? “The Wrestler” is the best film I’ve seen recently, but “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead” is a favorite as well. What are you reading now? Rolling Stone magazine is always close by, and of course, AY! Name your favorite place in the world? Luckenbach, Texas or at home in El Dorado, Arkansas. When I was little I wanted to be ... a basketball coach or a pro-wrestler … and I’ve done a little of both! What has surprised you the most about your adult life? How incredible being a father can be, and that your job and your passion CAN be one in the same. What is the most important lesson you have ever learned? A dead end road is a good place to turn around. What is your guiltiest pleasure? HBO’s “Entourage” and the Dallas Mavericks. What is your life’s motto? “Surround yourself with good people and good things will happen,” and “No one ever drowned in sweat.”

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