February 2013

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Create: Dinner In Paris

Paris … City of Light … these words most likely conjure different images for each of us, perhaps the iconic Eiffel Tower or perhaps Willi’s Wine Bar, the Louvre or Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman ("We'll always have Paris"). The food and dining are equally as varied — there is not just one “dinner in Paris.”

All Through Your House: Christine McCaul Howard - Dining Room

This month, we feature Christine McCaul Howard, designer and co-founder of IO Metro Furniture Stores as she shows you how to create a modern color driven dining room.

Feature: Home Away from Home

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas' goal is to make life a little easier for families living in high-stress situations by providing as many of their basic needs as possible and allowing them to spend maximum time with their loved ones receiving treatment.

P. Allen Smith: How to Grow Your Own Groceries In a Small Space

While my own appetite for homegrown produce and herbs has continued to expand over the years, the fact is you really don’t need much space to grow food. - P. Allen Smith

Excursion: Boomtown Break Down

Just a quick commute from northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Okla., is an unexpected treasure trove of commerce, cuisine and culture. Unique boutiques, inspired eateries, a thriving nightlife and a booming art scene make Boomtown a boundless place to explore.

Beauty Makeover: She’s Got Legs

Zoe Dinwiddie of Little Rock is a mother and grandmother. She developed spider veins about 20 years ago while working as a sales representative for ACME Brick Company. RAPA’s Arkansas Vein Center (AVC) helped her love her legs again.

Home: Hollywood Glamour

Last year was quite busy for Miguel Newberg. The designer, owner of M. N’Teriors, worked with Kim Haynie-Forgione — to bring to fruition her design dreams.

Health: Mending Broken Hearts

“There really is no reason to be negative. … It is what it is, and I’ve got to make the best of a bad situation.” - Ashley Salter, Heart Disease Survivor

DIY: Fire Truck Bed

This months DIY Project come from Jeff McClure, DIY extraordinaire! Check out how Jeff converted a plain bed into a red alarm Firm Truck Bed!

Spotlight: Holy Smoke!

Two years ago, one Austin, Texas, chef set out to bring the flavorful locavore* trends of his town to Tulsa, Oklahoma. He created a cutting-edge menu, gathered local ingredients and got to work opening Smoke on Cherry Street, a fine-dining venue that tops your typical steak house.

Feature: In Her Own Write

Education, religion and hard work were three of the guiding principles in the household in which Janis F. Kearney was reared. Each of the 19 children worked in Gould, Ark., cotton fields until they left home for college. She and her 18 siblings became professionals — nine lawyers, educators, a social welfare nurse and one writer: Kearney.

Art Scene: A Muse and a Museum

Fort Smith Regional Art Museum Debuts with a Revealing Exhibit on the “Mona Lisa”

Feature: February Favorites And The Flavors Of Love

From sizzling steaks and tasty tamales, to bodacious burgers and fantastic fries, to show-stopping strawberry pie, as you make plans for the most romantic holiday of the year, foodie Pamela Smith shares some favorites to get you in the mood for a delectable day of love.

Final Thoughts

Scavenging can be fun, but it can also clutter up your home, garage or office space. There is an easy fix. Just sit your unwanted goods curb side and blink twice. They will be gone before you know it.

My Opinion: Bunch of Know-It-Alls

Lately we’ve seen a lot in the news about the ever-shrinking power and numbers of the demographic group snidely referred to as “aging white men,” and I just gotta tell you, it gives me a huge case of the Smug Gigglies.

Tales From the South: Proposals

And so we wait … I’m nervous and really want to see how this turns out, but Mary, my 25-year-old daughter, wants to move on.

Ultimate Makeover: New Look, New Lease on Life

The long wait is over: read domestic abuse survivor Lori Adkins’ story about how she reclaimed dignity, see her new look and meet the professionals who helped restore her confidence.

Murder Mystery: The Burning of Isadore Banks

On June 4, 1954, Isadore Banks kissed his wife, Alice, goodbye as he left their home in Marion, Ark., to visit the bank and withdraw money to pay his farmhands. He never arrived.