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MY OPINION: Got Gratitude?

Truly, Facebook is The Ultimate Time Drain. It is possible to spend entire days of what should and might otherwise be productive time — mouth-breathing while observing just What All People WILL Say in PUBLIC. Mind you, this is not like other Internet forums where all comments are anonymous — and for the record, let me just say that has truly brought out the very worst in far too many people — no, on Facebook, pretty much everybody posts under their real name with actual personal photos attached. But even on Facebook — where everybody knows your name — people will still post cringe-worthy comments right there for all the world to see with photographic evidence of a plethora of what would surely be described as “transgressions” in any civilized society. It is quite often a train wreck from which it is very difficult to turn one’s head.

If nothing else, it gives one the opportunity to feel superior in one’s ability to resist posting every snarky thought one may have had about one’s employer, employee, spouse, friends and/or strangers. Although I will confess that just yesterday I was sorely tempted to post a rant directed at the person or persons unknown who, in the middle of a downpour (that was, after all, pouring down on all of us alike), elected to park THEIR emptied shopping carts directly behind MY car, which meant that instead of having one cart to put up, I had THREE — very unwieldy. However, I satisfied myself with much rain-soaked snarling and growling in the parking lot and was my usual civil self by the time I came home, dried out and logged on — and I gleefully imagined Karma giving them flat tires before they reached their own destinations.

I cannot resist posting the occasional photo of The Cutest Boy in the World’s morning hair-dos — but it would be wrong to even try. Such hilarity simply SCREAMS to be shared with the world, and he is absolutely a dirt-road good sport about it, I must say; but WOE doesn’t begin to cover what would come unto him, should he post a similar photo of my own bedhead. (Lucky for us both, TCBITW doesn’t do social media.)
Another downside to Facebook is that it has opened a channel for a whole new breed of chain letter-type things, which give me the heebie-jeebies in any format. At least three times a day, something appears in a profile that flat out declares if you don’t also post it to your own profile for at least one hour, your omission is telling the world that you hate small animals, battered women, abused children, people with dreaded diseases, anybody in the military and/or God Himself. Fine, tell me the cause you are passionate about, but don’t promise me mailbox money if I comply … or that I will stub my toe if I refuse.

Just yesterday, I read a post that stopped me in my tracks, and I’ve thought about it many times since reading it. It simply posed this question: What if, when you woke up this morning, ALL you had LEFT was what you thanked God for last night?

I’ll leave you to ponder that for yourownself. GRATEFUL MUCH?


Jill Conner Browne is a multiple #1 New York Times® Best Seller.
Simon & Schuster published her latest book American Thighs: The Sweet Potato Queen’s Guide to Preserving Your Assets. She is featured regularly in national and international magazines and television shows. You can learn more about “Her Royal Highness” at sweetpotatoqueens.com.


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