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Whether I’m giving an impromptu kids’ bash, having family for a holiday dinner, or an old friend is visiting for a week, hosting is a passion of mine that runs deep. In fact, hospitality is one of my benchmarks for truly great design. I want every room in my house to be inviting to any guest, and this is particularly important for the guest bedroom.

People often use the expression “home away from home,” but my philosophy for accommodating an overnight guest is to create a luxurious “haven away from home.” And how, you may wonder, can we do this through design? Let’s see.

Invite them to Indulge. You want to give your guests the best you have to offer. Luxurious linens, a cozy bed and fine floor coverings will show them you went out of your way to make them feel pampered and well-cared-for.

Create a Mood. When we visited the master bedroom, we discussed creating serenity to offset the hustle and bustle of life. Guest rooms, however, can be much more stimulating, with bold patterns, a bright color palette and daring design details. The visual interest of the visitors’ room then becomes part of the travel experience!

Access = Experience. Don’t let a guest’s experience of your home be interrupted by frustrations with information accessibility! Provide a docking/charging station for electronics; access to input their favorite music into a whole home audio system; layered lighting to allow for a variety of tasks; and furniture and closets with ample space to fully unpack.

To reduce your hosting stress, always have your guest room “at the ready” so there’s not a mad dash at the last minute. Then enjoy your company!



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