Besides treasured time with my two children and grandchildren, I love entertainment: books, music, movies. I am a writer, and I like William Faulkner’s advice to writers, “Read, read, read. Read everything — trash, classics, good and bad.” I have a long list of favorite authors, including Hemingway, Michener, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pat Conroy and Daniel Silva. I enjoy a good “beach read” from Dorothea Benton Frank! Sitting on the porch with a good book is time well spent.

I have been working in advertising a lot of years, and with AY since 2007. Most of those years I have lived and worked in Branson, Missouri, the live music capital of the world. This has nourished my love of entertainment! I’ve met and worked with talented, hard-working people, many of them world-famous. Famous or not, they all love what they do, whether it’s putting on a show, running a hotel, creating memorable dining experiences. To help clients promote their business has been rewarding every step of the way.

Words to live by:

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” If we remember our neighbors are not only down the street but also around the world, I believe that covers all the bases.