Rose Gladner (née Clemmons), from Pine Bluff, is the youngest child of Earl and Bennye Clemmons.

Bennye exposed Rose at an early age to cooking with love. There were wonderful smells emanating from the Clemmons kitchen every day, ranging from brownies and cheesecakes to meatballs and homemade soups. This explains Rose’s passion for sharing her cooking with those she loves.

Rose started her sales career with selling Girl Scout cookies and World’s Finest Chocolate bars. If there was a contest, she wanted to win. She loved selling anything and everything, which explains her love of media sales.

She has worked with Arkansas Business, Comcast Cable, KARK-TV, Arkansas Times, BIC Media, and now Vowell, Inc. Let Rose put her experience to work for you!

Rose and Neal Gladner have been married since 2001 and live in Hot Springs. They have two daughters and two dogs.

Words to live by: 

“If you find something you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Earl Clemmons