The Face of Prosthetic Eyes
& Facial Anatomy

The Center for Alloplastic Facial Reconstruction

Arkansas Artificial Eye Clinic
Michael D. Kaczkowski

For nearly thirty years, Michael Kaczkowski has created custom life-like anatomical restorations for the eye, face, and body for thousands of individuals missing anatomy from cancer, trauma, or congenital defects. His company, Alloplastic Reconstruction, was founded in 2011 by the merger of two organizations that offered different restoration technologies, in hopes of improving aesthetic anatomical restorations.

“We’ve nearly tripled in patient care since the new formation, attracting a steady stream of patients from across the country and many foreign countries seeking our highly detailed, lifelike prostheses,” Kaczkowski said. “Whether they are children or elderly, these amazing individuals exhibit bravery on a daily basis beyond what the rest of us can ever imagine.”

By the time the patients are referred to the clinic, they have usually gone through painful surgeries and traumas of all types.

“Many of our patients have suffered from devastating cancers that leave them with missing facial anatomy. Our work enables patients to feel whole again, bringing a sense of closure to a long and painful journey.”

Kaczkowski said many people would be surprised by the number of children in his care.

“We work with tons of kids, and we love making them feel special. Most people do not realize how many children are born with facial disfigurement or eye defects. It is our privilege and honor to serve these children and their families.”

Originally from New York, Michael started his career as an artist and inventor in Manhattan. He had a clinic in New York for several years that attracted an international clientele. When he moved to Arkansas, they followed him.

“Getting patients to come to New York was one thing, but getting them to come to a small city like Little Rock is humbling.”

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