The Face of
Botox & Dermal Fillers

Mimi Lee, M.D., P.A.
Dr. Mimi Lee

Mimi Lee is a board certified surgeon trained at the University of Miami. Her Arkansas practice started in 1999 after marrying Dr. Gene Sloan, a renowned plastic surgeon in Little Rock. She is known for her extensive knowledge and passion for aesthetic treatments and personally performs each and every treatment to deliver the most individualized and accurate results. She and Sloan own Doctors MedSpa, which they opened for patients’ non-surgical needs.

Lee has the national distinction of “Top 500 Provider” with Allergan, the manufacturer for Botox and Juvederm. She is one of the first to use the most gentle cannula technique for filler treatment in central Arkansas and has injected more than 170,000 units of Botox/Dysport and more than 1,600 syringes dermal fillers.

Some have called her Picasso, as each patient is a different canvas, and her individualized treatment helps them to achieve beautiful natural results.

“Botox and Dermal filler injections may seem quick and simple, but there is tremendous amount of thinking and artistry involved,” Lee said. “I carefully evaluate every patient to determine what makes them look tired or sad and the best way to reverse their signs of aging with a little lifting and contouring here and there. Often a little can go a long way!”

Lee and her friendly staff are committed to providing the absolute best to help you become healthier, more attractive, and confident.

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