Throughout Arkansas, there are thousands of accomplished women who serve as leaders in their communities. These outstanding women, by virtue of their hard work, intelligence and abilities, serve as beacons, lighting the way for everyone else.

Every year, AY Magazine spotlights achievements of these powerful women as part of our Intriguing Women feature. Whether they are business executives, artists or philanthropists, AY wants to learn about the individuals that are at the top of their game and making a difference in the Natural State.

Throughout AY’s history, we have maintained an unwavering focus on the accomplishments and triumphs of Arkansas women.

All of our past Intriguing Women are not content to follow a prescribed path, these women have blazed their own trails and made an impact on their chosen industry, community and society.

And that brings us to 2021. AY is looking for the Intriguing Women Class of 2021. If you know an Arkansas woman who deserves to be an Intriguing Woman, let us know!

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