The Face of Pain Management

Pain Treatment Centers of America

Co-Founder – Meraj Siddiqui,
CEO – Bill McCrary,
Pain Treatment Centers of America

Pain Treatment Centers of America (PTCOA) is an Arkansas based Pain Management practice with one defining purpose – to put their patients back in control of their lives. Their physicians and nurse practitioners understand how chronic pain can invade, capture, and disrupt the lives of those who suffer from it, and it is their mission to leverage unrivaled compassion and expertise to restore their patients’ functionality and improve the quality of their daily lives. PTCOA accepts that challenge and truly appreciates the trust their many patients have placed in them towards achieving this very important goal.

PTCOA utilizes a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic tools to achieve its mission, such as medication management and cutting edge interventional technologies like Spinal Cord Stimulation and Spinal Medication Delivery Pumps.  PTCOA also shares the concerns of society regarding America’s opioid epidemic and associated addiction problems.  As a result, they are continuously working within medical community, and with its patients and local authorities, to ensure safe and responsible prescribing of pain medication.

PTCOA started its first State of the Art pain practice in Little Rock in August of 2014, and has since grown from that single location to a total 8 locations in both rural and urban Arkansas, while hand selected top pain management physicians from across the state and country to join them. PTCOA’s vision continues to grow daily and would not be possible without the efforts of the best physicians, mid-level providers, nurses and administrative staff Arkansas has to offer. While PTCOA is only 4 years old, it’s healthcare providers combine to offer decades of experience in pain management.

“We take a fully comprehensive approach to pain management in order to leave no stone unturned when exploring ways to manage our patients’ pain and improve their quality of life,” said Bill McCrary, PTCOA’s CEO. “Additionally, we have made it our mission to bring pain management to the patients by establishing clinics in all corners of the state.”

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