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Rebekah Fowlkes, Ambassador
Plexus Worldwide

Rebekah Fowlkes, an extrovert who loves people, thrives as an ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. Plexus is a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company that offers health and wellness products which enable people to improve their lives and well-being. Fowlkes joined the company in 2013 when she started selling Plexus Slim, often referred to as “the pink drink,” a weight-loss supplement to help her and others keep their blood sugar levels stable.

“My company offers cutting edge products that are leading the charge in gut health,” Fowlkes said. “Our cutting edge and award winning product lines are helping people see freedom from chronic pain, inflammation, weight loss, digestive issues and more.”

With more than 550,000 entrepreneurial ambassadors worldwide, Plexus is among the world’s 40 largest direct-selling organizations and has been featured on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies.

Her iPhone allows her to easily manage a multi-million dollar business while still fulfilling her role as a wife and mother. She doesn’t employ the home-party philosophy or have a garage full of products; she calls herself the Amazon of Plexus. Customers can order from her website and the product will be shipped to their home in a matter of days. 

At the top level of Plexus Worldwide, Fowlkes continues to work as a corporate trainer for the company’s leaders and is a high performer who consistently appears as a top recruiter at her level. She has teams in the United States, Canada and Australia with nearly 30,000 ambassadors. She will be the first to tell you that you don’t have to be an extrovert to succeed at network marketing.  But it takes hard work, a thick skin and a desire to invest in people that helps one rise above the fear of rejection. 

Rebekah Fowlkes • 501-545-0249 • • @drinkpinktoshrink